Zabljak apartments

Zabljak apartments of family Matic are ideally located with beautiful flower balconies. Our apartments have a spectacular view of the entire mountain range around ˝ Bobotovog kuka ” while warm ambiance is offered by interior and the fire coming from a fireplace or wood stove. Firewoods are stacked next to the apartments so in the winter or cold summer morning, you can take them in your pajamas. Apartments include double, triple, quadruple fully equipped housing units. There is the possibility to create six-bed apartments. If it’snecessary, beds can be merged or separated so the apartment can have a look as you prefer. All apartments of Matic family have their own bathroom, kitchen, bedroom area and terrace with view on Durmitor.


Heating is provided in all apartments. The apartments have a parking lot with night lighting. Location where we are settled is 15 meters from the road to the Crno Jezero and 400 meters from the center of Zabljak where there are almost all necessary shops – supermarkets, pharmacies, bakeries, newspaper & etc.. Most important of all is that we are only 1500 meters from the untouched nature of the Black Lake, from where starts almost all major, marked hiking tours.


Zabljak apartments are in the coniferous forest with views over Durmitor peaks and meadows. All apartments are built and furnished in mountain style. The walls are covered with paneling and floors are of wood strip flooring or laminate. Therefore, it is possible to rent in the winter when our guests are in T-shirts. For these, credit goes to PVC windows of best German production which are sealed and function flawlessly. Fireplaces and wood stoves provide extra warmth in apatments. Beech wood are always provided and there are of the best quality. Apartments of Matic family always have someone available to help around you with things, parking space or to teach you lit the stove or fireplace.


Also, because of our long climbing practice and use of medicinal herbs we can provide complete information on hiking tours,  on the type of herbs and nutrients mushrooms. Our apartments are located close to the forest and fields so you can find some of herbs and mushrooms very quickly. Around the house you can pick blueberries and strawberries and get in touch with nature. Open market is only 300 meters away, and on the shopping day you can buy top local cheese – at least five types of, from the young to the old cream cheese and smoked meat and bacon. All in all, staying in Zabljak apartments of family Matic you will get an unforgettable experience which is reflected in the pleasant surrounding and the warmth of our apartments and healthy life that Durmitor and lakes offer on every step. You will be full of impressions, pictures and videos of hiking tours, swimming in the lakes, from rafting on Tara and enjoying on our terrace surrounded by flowers.


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