galerija-zabljak-15Montenegro has many beautiful mountains and certainly one of the most beautiful is Durmitor. Durmitor is a mountain where the narrow space rises dozen huge peaks, mountain giants of unique shapes and characteristics. Between them stretches the grassy parts and valleys with lots of colorful flowers, medicinal herbs blueberries, strawberries, raspberries and mushrooms. Through these valleys are used to slide ice masses, that have created about twenty glacial lakes surreal look and colors by which Zabljak and Durmitor are widely known. Wild cruelty rocky peaks harmoniously turns into green valley where is settled town of Zabljak. Near to Zabljak and Durmitor are three world-famous Canyon: Canyon Tara, Canyon Piva, Canyon Nevidio. Because of all these specifics, Zabljak and Durmitor were declared for the national park under the protection of UNESCO. At the heart of this beauty, on the road to Crno Jezero are located our apartments.